Jimmy many horses perspective on humor

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Jimmy Many Horses’ Perspective on Humor Paper

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Jimmy Many Horses’ Perspective on Humor

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Showing that there are two sides to humor: Jimmy’s viewpoint that humor is used as a copy mechanism and Norma’s viewpoint that there is a time and place for humor and for being serious.

Jimmy Many Horses retells the history of his relationship with his wife Norma, from their initial meeting at the Powwow Tavern through their marriage including grappling with alcohol addiction and Jimmy’s diagnosis of.

“Lord, Hear Our Prayer”

Jimmy Many Horses has spent his life “laughing to keep from crying,” as the old song goes, telling jokes to gain some illusion of control in bad situations, to claim his. Oct 27,  · Jimmy Many Horses' Perspective on Humor Jimmy Many Horses is diagnosed with tumors and he has a lot of them, and his faith in humor is way stronger than medicine to treat his tumors.

He jokes about a lot of things with his wife Norma on their journey of life. Jimmy Many Horses is an individual who owns problems galore to make his life miserable and humorous. His never-ending concerns are relationships, alcoholism, modern society versus traditional values and above all doomed lives.

Jimmy many horses perspective on humor
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